Jeremy Meier Ministries doesn't stop at ministering to the people of our local church, but we also utilize our gifts and time to minister to the Bellevue/Omaha community, specifically those members of our community that are currently in Hospice care as well as their families.


Pastor Jeremy has been involved with Hospice organizations from Florida, Texas and North Dakota since 2006.  Having a Hospice ministry has been something that the Lord placed on Jeremy's heart several years ago when He planted the seed to continue the ministry wherever the Lord brought him.  As a Hospice Chaplain, Jeremy saw first hand the affects of people in Hospice care as well as how having someone in Hospice care changes a family.


You may be asking yourself, "what can I do?"  The answer is quite simple, really.  Talk and listen.  That's it.  For a lot of Hospice patients, you will be offering one-way communication.  One-way communication in a Hospice setting can be, and often is, normal.  You will engage in communication with patients (not all patients) but they cannot respond back.  One-way communication, in our experience, usually takes place toward the end of one's life.  Hearing, as it is understood, is the last sense to "die" in a person before they pass away and therefore, it is extremely important to continue dialog with a Hospice patient throughout your visit even if they are unable to talk to you.


By all accounts, you are there to be a friend to the patient.  Unless specifically requested, the Jeremy Meier Ministries Hospice Ministry does not press our religious beliefs on those in Hospice care.  We engage in spiritual or religious conversation only if the Hospice patient initiates the conversation.


Once again, you may ask yourself this: "As a ministry, why don't you press your beliefs on those in Hospice care if you are volunteering to minister to them?"  The answer to that is simple.  Because we are not allowed to and those that are in Hospice care may or may not share the same beliefs as Jeremy Meier Ministries.  Therefore, Jeremy Meier Ministries Hospice Ministry members will not engage in "religious" conversation unless it is first initiated by the patient.


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